Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Hai everybody…. How are you out there? How’s your holiday? I hope all of you now are having a great holiday with family…and how about me? Alhamdulillah… I’m very thankful to HIM because he is still giving me the chance to live in this world…I’m still breathing with the fresh air…

Since the title of this entry is UNTITLED…It is similar to one of the famous simple plan’s song…but I’m not going to describe about that song…I just put the title as UNTITLED because I’m short of ideas. Actually, it has been almost one month I haven’t updated my blog with a new entry. Why? There are no specific reasons...Maybe I had nothing special to write about and share with you all. But, I’m still doing my blog walking to gain new information from other blogs or websites.

FYI..on this holiday, I have decided to not take a part time job even I can earn extra money within 1 month. But, before the holiday started, I had made promise to myself and my mom to learn how to cook. Hehe.. Don’t be surprised… I have never known how to cook even you ask me to prepare a simple meal…I don’t know ….I just know how to cook instant noodle and boil hot water…hehe.. I’m serious to learn how to cook. It is just as preparation for me to be a great housewife in future...hehe...just kidding…actually, I want to prepare myself with a bit of culinary skills before I go to my practical soon…I will live with my new friends for about plus minus 5 months at Quarters SEMESTI…If they are asking me to prepare a dish for lunch, at least I have an idea with what I am going to cook… I believe that they have good skills in cooking and I will always ready to learn from them. Now, I have already known how to cook my favourite dish such as Ikan masak lemak cili api, tom yam campur and ayam masak kicap.

But, I am still learning to improve my culinary skills. Now I know that, cooking is not difficult if you have already mastered the basic skills… The most important thing is you must be hardworking to cook and interested in cooking. There are differences between people who don’t like to cook and people who don’t know how to cook…I hope I can cook and prepare a variety of dishes or whatever meals for my beloved family and friends. InsyaAllah. I want to stop writing this entry with serangkap pantun:

Buah cempedak di luar pagar,

Ambil galah tolong jolokkan,

Saya budak baru belajar,

Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

Ok…Have a nice always…Your smile will make my heart alive…hehe

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