Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Do you like to play bowling? If you ask me…I will answer YES.… I love to play it. If I am not mistaken, the first time I played bowling was when I was eighteen. A person who introduced me this game was Yani, my best friend. We have known each other since primary school.

Me and yani

At first, I did not know how to play, how to hold and throw the bowling ball correctly and how to strike down all the pin balls. I just played without thinking much and did not feel ashamed even no pin balls fell. Now, I have improved my skills though it is not as perfect as the professional players who have practiced regularly, but I feel satisfied when I get good score.

left handed player

Actually, I had participated for two Bowling Tournaments. The first one, was when I worked in Automotive Lighting Factory as clerk five years ago. At that moment, my group didn’t win the prize but we had done the best and enjoyed the game.

Yani, Miza n Me

The second tournament was last couple of weeks which was organized by Puteri Teluk Kumbar Association. In this game, I played as individual and competed with my friends, Yani and Miza and another participants. We played for 3 games and I was on the same lane with Yani… I felt a little bit nervous at the beginning of the game, then after a while I felt more comfortable and I tried to score the best that I could. Deep inside me, I wanted to win but it didn’t matter which place I would get. But I did not think too much about this

matter... I just enjoyed and focused on games.

After we finished all the games, the hostess, Tini played her role to announce the winner. At that time, I was forlorn and felt that I would not get any place because other competitors made me impressed. Then,

Tini : The winner for the second place is NURUL AINI…

Nurul : just smile and walk forward to take present.


Alhamdulillah… even it was just a small tournament, but for me it was a big win and it certainly boosted my confidence to play again for another tournamenst. ~ END~


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